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Our Commitment

At Wild Noni we are especially proud of our commitment in helping the indigenous people of the Solomon Islands. We source our pure Noni Juice ingredient through a Co-Operative we have formed with the local native people on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Through this Co-Op we supply seedling noni plants, agricultural equipment, transport and advice on cultivating and harvesting noni fruit.

The local people grow the seedlings to mature trees on their local village land. We assist in the farming and growing of the trees. Once the trees are mature, we buy the noni fruit through the Co-Op to use in our production of pure Noni Juice.

The Noni factory facility we have established in Honiara, the capital of Guadalcanal, to process the fruit gives employment and income to numerous people that would otherwise be unemployed with no income.

This Co-Op system is a two-way street whereby the local people gain the advantages of employment and income using their own land and we obtain a pure, all-natural product.

We ship the pure noni juice from Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands to the USA for use in our Wild Noni beverages. This further assists the Solomon Island economy with an export market they would not otherwise have.